Buyback and valorize your used equipment

Codeo Medical buys back your old or unused medical equipment

Our knowledge of the second-hand medical market allows us to offer you a complete expertise in the recovery of your medical equipment.

With a technical team dedicated to the medical sector, we are able to assist you in the audit, the preparation, the de-installation and the removal of your equipment, in compliance with the legal and logistic constraints of your environment. Finally, our legal department will ensure that your sale complies fully with the framework set by the Public Health Code.

Why take back your old medical equipment?

Whether you are a private or public hospital, a clinic or a medical imaging center, you certainly have equipment that you no longer need:


Taking back and valuing your scanners, MRIs, operating theatres or ultrasound scanners allows you to financially optimize your reforms or to find a residual value for the acquisition of new devices


The storage or recycling of unused equipment represents a real financial, human and logistical burden for your company. Entrust Codeo Medical with the purchase of your equipment and free up your storage space quickly!


The management of unused equipment represents a time-consuming and complex daily mission for your biomedical team. Entrust the responsibility to a trusted partner and free your teams from this secondary mission.

Buyback made easy with Codeo Medical

Codeo Medical is an expert in second-hand equipment trade-ins and will accompany you throughout your trade-in project, from de-installation to the payment of the receipt, including the removal of your equipment, taking into account all the specific constraints of your environment.

We adapt to your schedule and reserve our teams according to your organization.

Technical and logistic audit on site

Intervention authorizations and parking permits

Coordination with the manufacturer for the installation of the new equipment

Soil consolidation if necessary for heavy imaging recovery

Gathering of equipment and packaging for transport

Removal with adapted equipment and transportation methods (crane rental)

A safe buyback

In accordance with the regulations of the Public Health Code, our legal department will assist you in the administrative procedures related to the resale of your equipment and will provide you with the following after the sale 

A certificate of erasure of patient data

Transfer of ownership

A certificate of assignment and transfer of responsibility

How is the value of your equipment estimated?

Each trade-in is unique. As a specialist in used medical equipment, Codeo Medical has developed a unique expertise that allows us to estimate the value of your equipment as accurately as possible.

Sales history, current offers and demands, logistical costs... are all parameters that we take into account when estimating the value of a medical device and that is why Codeo Medical commits to a minimum estimate of your equipment. An estimate that can only be revised upwards.






Don't wait any longer to buy back your equipment! We buy back for our own stocks!

With 2 warehouses totalling a storage area of more than 1400 m² Codeo Medical has the logistical and financial capacity to buy for its own stocks.

Have you ever thought about the deposit/sale ? Codeo Medical offers a formula for taking full responsibility for logistics costs, storage, equipment repair, etc. until the medical devices are sold. 

Buy-back and valorisation immediately

We centralize your multi-site equipment

We store your unused equipment for you

You are free to install your new equipment before the sale of the old one

Do you have a heavy imaging project?  

MRI, scanner, pet scan, Gamma Camera, radiology room and angiology room,... your heavy imaging projects require specific expertise and know-how.

Firm and final estimate

Coordination for the installation of the new equipment

End-to-end logistic management

Dedicated project manager

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