Our expertise

Why trust Codeo Medical to manage your medical equipment?

Codeo Group and Codeo Medical have been experts in used equipment for more than 15 years and have extensive knowledge of the refurbished sector. We can help you purchase refurbished equipment, take back your equipment, lease, finance or maintain your equipment.

Our strength? Rigorous and transparent processes throughout your projects

With a proven methodology for more than 15 years and state-of-the-art digital tools, Codeo Medical ensures total traceability and transparency in the management of your medical equipment

Internal technical skills

for a better reactivity and control in the management of your medical equipment projects (audit, maintenance, refurbishing).


Codeo Medical has the necessary certificates to ensure the erasure and permanent destruction of your patient data.

Financial security

of your resale and your financial transaction thanks to a rigorous ethical charter for the choice of the partners we work with.

Control of the legal framework

Codeo Medical is committed to accompany you in the takeover, sale and maintenance of your equipment in compliance with the Public Health Code.

A firm and definitive estimate  

For each trade-in, our commercial and technical teams work hand in hand to offer you the most accurate estimate of the value of your equipment.

As specialists in second-hand equipment for more than 15 years, we know that historical sales prices are influenced by many factors such as: the equipment's options, its operating condition, its cosmetic condition, the market's supply and demand at the time, etc.

This is why Codeo Medical announces a minimum valuation to which it is committed. This valuation can only be revised upwards.

In order to make our estimate, we rely on reliable sources and an extensive knowledge of the market in France and worldwide: sales history for the range of equipment concerned, library of past and current quotations, library of new prices, specialized partners, needs identified at the moment ....






A rigorous quality charter to secure your second-hand equipment  

The sale of a second-hand medical device must comply with well-defined standards, adapted according to the type of customer. Thus, it is our responsibility to offer our customers equipment that has undergone a rigorous trade-in and refurbishing process.

Erasure of patient data

Carrying out a quality audit (QA)

Securing preventive maintenance

Qualification of the exact configuration of the equipment

Verification of the presence of accessories

Validation of European safety standards

Control of your logistics operations

As a second-hand expert in the medical sector, Codeo Medical assists you with the removal and de-installation of your equipment, taking into account all the specific constraints of your environment.

We adapt to your schedule and book our teams according to your organization.

For your heavy imaging projects, our trustworthy relationships with manufacturers allow us to collaborate with their teams to ensure a perfect workflow between the de-installation of your old equipment and the installation of the new.

On-site audit of technical and logistical constraints

Preparation of intervention authorizations and parking requests

Coordination with the manufacturer for the installation of the new equipment

Consolidation of the ground if necessary in the framework of the resumption of heavy imaging

Gathering of equipment and packaging for transport

Pick-up with appropriate equipment and transportation methods (crane rental)

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