Codeo Medical, an international company specialising in the refurbishment of medical devices

Managing international projects is part of the core business of Codeo Medical

Should it be for logistics, the relocation of practices, subcontracting, integration of complex medical projects or simply to buy medical equipment, we can help.

Do you want to equip your practice with a new type of equipment, replace existing equipment or initiate a new project? Should it be in Europe, Africa, Middle East or America: contact us!

Codeo Medical, the catalyst for your ambition

Thanks to the many subsidiaries distributed around Europe, and the large network of specialized partners spread on all continents, Codeo Medical can support your projects from conception to realisation, worldwide.

This geographical and cultural diversity gives Codeo Medical the necessary foundations to ensure the successful execution of your projects and ambitions.

Since its creation, Codeo Medical has conducted projects with outstanding sucess.

Going beyond expectations, to help manage your medical equipment needs.

Thanks to its extensive network, Codeo Medical has been able to source high quality preowned medical equipment on three continents, and distribute on an international scale.

All projects are important to Codeo Medical. Should it be an ophtalmologic hospital in Kinshasa, a CT scanner in Port-Gentil, an angiography system in Kaboul, a surgical microscope in Angers, a gamma camera in Chicago, a urology laser unit in Sao-Paulo, an ultrasound system in Osaka, and many more!

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