A large range of services to help you manage your medical equipment fleet

The 3 key services of Codeo Medical


Planning an upgrade? We can help offset the cost by buying back your preowned hardware, saving you money and warehouse space.


Choose a supplier you can trust, to provide all major brands of hardware, warranties and exceptional service.


Short term needs or limited budget? We have the solution!

Like those of specialised providers, our services meet the diverse requirements of medical practices and hospitals.

Codeo Medical offers a unique combination of benefits and services to help you manage your medical equipment :

  • Should you be managing a medical practice or a hospital and you wish to capitalise on your end of life products that you no longer use, we can offer a buyback solution.
  • Using the supply of pre-owned refurbished medical equipment, you can offer a wider range of options to your patients while keeping within a reasonable budget.
  • If you are a contractor who is creating a new structure or developing an existing practice, we can help you find the most cost effective solution, with a partner who can provide assistance and follow your project from A to Z.
  • If you are a specialised technical company selling medical equipment with your own customer service, we can offer the opportunity to access our international network in order to find the medical devices you require.

Why choose Codeo Medical's services ?

Consignment sales: The best pay-back solution for your equipment. Take profit of a regular base reporting for a totally clear relationship.

Maintenance contracts: We offer bespoke solutions according to your individual requirements.

Installation / de-installation: We offer customised services for the installation or de-installation of your equipment. We can deal with your end life of medical devices, by either offering a valuation on the equipment or working with a certified waste recycler.

Moving and relocation: The nature of relocating healthcare practices can create difficulties in the moving, tracking and relocating of medical devices. We can handle all of these logistical challenges related to the project.

Leasing/Financing: To help you finalise your project, Codeo Medical can offer leasing and financing solutions according to your needs.

Valuation of your medical equipment: If you have stock of medical devices that you no longer use, we can help you to estimate the potential value of these units.

International watch: If you are trying to source specific equipment, we will use our vast international network and unrivalled market knowledge and experience to find that asset.

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