Codeo Medical, a medical equipment expert

A partner for all your medical equipment needs

Our core business : Buying, refurbishing and selling medical devices.

Codeo Medical is a Lyon based company, offering a range of solutions for all types of medical equipement, either new or refurbished, to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

To meet our customers’ medical equipment needs, we also provide 100% personalised solutions: Consignment sales, maintenance contracts, installation and de-installation, moving, leasing and financing solutions, valuations of your actual fleet or international sourcing for specific medical devices.

All equipment sold by Codeo Medical has been thoroughly tested and will always comply with the highest of standards.

Our clients, Healthcare professionals

Our customers come from multiple backgrounds; hospitals, clinics, medical offices, laboratories, veterinarians, and all kinds of medical specialists around the world.

Therefore, we listen to our customers and assist them with their choices, should it be for their medical equipment or for the services required for existing devices. (Logistics, installation, training, maintenance…).

Our ambition is to become your privileged partner for the establishment of your medical projects. We will find the right product, the right service and the right price for all of your needs.

A team of specialists for your medical devices

Medical equipment experts

The team is made of a combination of the backbone of the Codeo Group and specialists from the second hand medical equipment market, who, all together, work to provide quality solutions and build a confident customer relationship.

A strong network within the healthcare market

To offer the best services and products to all corners of the market, Codeo Medical has developed strong relationships with partners who can provide the best service for all medical specialties. Whether we're talking about ultrasound machines, medical imaging, operating rooms, laboratories and more, we have the solution to organise and achieve your projects.

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